Easy Ideas for Spring Planting Containers

After this winter’s final (I’m sure of it!) vortex du jour, spring has arrived!  Sun and warm temps abound!

It’s time to brighten up our houses with the best the season has to offer.  Here are some ideas for quick and easy spring planting containers, sure to bring a smile to all your guests’ faces.  First, start with a flower pot.  Then simply add one of the following:

  •  A showcase of “wintry mix” precipitation and post-decomposed fall annuals
  •  Discarded Tiramisu Latte paper cups—stunning!
  •  Reuse!  Transplant tall grasses from the foreclosed home on the corner
  •  House keys buried under sticks—fabulous AND practical!
  • Ch-ch-ch-chia!  The next time you eat chia pudding, save those pesky seeds that become ensnared in your toothbrush afterwards.  Plant them for rapid WOW!
  • Shabby chic found items:  old gloves, landscape fabric scraps, candy wrappers from Halloween.  Arrange seemingly haphazardly.
  • Fairy gardens are all the rage!  Scope out the Disney Store for small Tinker-bell figures.  Place them in a pot with those round, white plastic, three-pronged pizza savers from yesterday’s Papa John’s boxes.  Collect some table crumbs and place on the pizza savers, and voila!  It’s a fairy diner!
Breathtaking...and easy!
Breathtaking…and easy!

No Plant Container?  No problem!

  • Remove your Christmas wreath from your front door, and place it on your porch, encircling an old dog bowl.  Fill the bowl with some paper flowers your child made at school last Mother’s Day.  Ooh la la, tres unique!
  • Make a terrarium!  Go to an antique store and buy one of those old, jokester “in case of emergency, please break open” glass-enclosed-cigarette knick-knacks.  Drill a tiny hole through the glass and insert micro greens with tweezers.  You’ll know it was worth the effort when your visitors can’t stop talking about it.
  • Don’t have a cutesy rusted old wheelbarrow you can fill with soil and pansies?  Well, repurpose that snowblower!  You won’t be needing that anymore, am I right??  Display in a prominent position, toss some potting soil down the chute along with some cucumber seeds, and just wait forever for the vines to appear.
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4 thoughts on “Easy Ideas for Spring Planting Containers”

    1. Oh my gosh! WINDOW WELLS! Such a great idea! I think ours are on their way to becoming plant containers with all the organic cobweb material deposited already.

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