Memory Lane


Last weekend my wife and I visited an island north of Seattle. We had a nice time, hiking in the sunshine. One afternoon we dropped into a “resort” with little cabins and sat on lawn chairs, gazing out onto the water (see picture above).

I’d already been there once, a few years earlier, but the view was much better this time. On that previous visit I’d actually stayed in one of the cabins. For the paying guests there was a hot springs pool perched on a bluff, with the same view I gazed at this past weekend. The pool was “clothing-optional” and most of the guests chose to bathe in the buff. People would disrobe and quickly hustle into the pool while avoiding eye contact with strangers.

But not one guy. I was relaxing in the pool and looking out at the water when the guy walked naked onto the deck that sat between the pool and the view. He stopped directly in everyone’s line of sight and did a big extended back bend, his body in profile to us. He let out a big groan. That was, needless to say, unnecessary. But then he walked up to the porch railing. He lifted his outer leg onto the railing and started stretching. He leaned way forward toward his ankle. And while he did so, the rest of us got to look at his nuts.

From our vantage point it looked like this:


I was tempted to shout “This isn’t Woodstock dude, down in front!” But I just left the hot springs and went to dinner instead.

Yup, the view was definitely better this time around.

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7 thoughts on “Memory Lane”

  1. LOL! I was at a beach where one woman strode through down in front, buck naked, took one of the lounge chairs and then TURNED it to face the crowd. I told my husband, “You know, I could use that kind of confidence…”

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