Sticking it to Nike

martymcfly sneakersNike is going to release a prototype of its long awaited product, self-tying shoes.  According to athletic shoe experts, self-tying shoes will debut at trade shows this year but  will not be available for sale in the near future, and when they are released, consumers can probably expect to pay a premium price for this innovative feature.  In other news, The Velcro industry has issued its own statement which simply read, “Hello?…big deal.”

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9 thoughts on “Sticking it to Nike”

  1. The perfect gift for the man with the Homer Simpson toilet recliner with built in refrigerator………

  2. Didn’t this same process debut in the original “Back to the Future” movie? And do we really need one more thing to speed up our getting-ready process? Does it require batteries or a remote control? Sorry I couldn’t make it into work today – I lost the remote for my shoes.

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