Taking Walmart to a Higher Level

By: Mike Mozart

Restrooms in a Muncie, Indiana Walmart have been shut down because an employee discovered an active Meth lab inside. It seems the one and only observant Walmart employee found the illicit drug lab after he saw  suspicious looking customers enter the bathroom. (This guy should become CEO as he can tell the difference between suspicious drug dealing Walmart shoppers and regular Walmart shoppers.)  He then notified store management who notified the police who then shut down the restrooms.

What can we learn from this Walmart story?

1.We know why some Walmarts are considered Supercenters.

2. We know how Walmart finds its pharmacists

3. If Walmart can make Meth in the bathrooms in the winter, customers will want them to grow weed in the garden centers in the spring.

and finally,

It’s probably best if the Meth lab bathrooms are on the opposite side of the store from the gun department.

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18 thoughts on “Taking Walmart to a Higher Level”

  1. I’m glad that you’re taking Walmart to a higher level Don Don’s. I’m bringing manners back. It’s not going to be easy but I’m going to try anyway!

  2. I want to know what that employee noticed about the ‘suspicious drug-dealing walmart shoppers’ that set them apart. I think we should all be let in on the secret. It may be important . . .

  3. You find the most outrageously interesting, quirky news items. I love your continuing series of “news of the weird.”

  4. they probably looked suspicious because they weren’t dressed like the normal people of Walmart…

    And I used the word normal fairly liberally…

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