The Seven Countries

Sometimes we do things. Sometimes these things are out of character and those who know us, raise eyebrows in disbelief. When I watched the 2010 remake of the 1984 John G. Avildsen masterpiece “The Karate Kid,” I did so, under duress. That I put myself in the position to sit through such drivel is testament to my fortitude. Was I sick to the pith of my very being at the end of the showing? You bet I was. I know not why we try to best perfection but this world is anything but perfect. I’m sure young Jaden Smith is a fine upstanding citizen however he is to the acting profession what Bon Jovi are to the music industry. I wish my country had banned this film for masquerading as entertainment. If it was banned in all seven countries, the world would be a better place.



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6 thoughts on “The Seven Countries”

    1. What if we’re all wrong and that stupid person is right about the seven countries?

    1. I know I can’t vote over there but if I could, I’d rather vote for that troupe challenged dude than this person!

  1. Though we can’t tell what country this person lives in, we can tell what state—the state of perpetual confusion.

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