To find out why reading is so important, read this.

My first and only mistake was to ask Jill Y what was wrong. When a man asks a woman that question, there are only two possible answers. You can be told what’s wrong, shut up and hope that a wormhole appears and does its thing but hope has a habit of never showing up when you need it most. This is bad but it doesn’t even come close to the hell of the second scenario. The second scenario is when you ask a woman what’s wrong and she tells you that nothing is wrong. When this happens, you need to read. You need to read between the lines; you need to read body language; you need to read the non-verbal clues and most of all, you need to read your will and make sure that you’re happy with the arrangements you made for when you leave this world of utter, massive confusion. For one fleeting moment, I though she might be calming down and that’s when our imaginary daughter decided that she wasn’t going to defuse the situation:


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8 thoughts on “To find out why reading is so important, read this.”

  1. It’s as simple as this..why, oh why can you men NOT read our minds? Our friends can read our minds. Our mothers can read our minds? Why is this so damn difficult for you? I think your imaginary daughter is getting the answer from the mouse…wait for it………

    1. All I’m saying is my imaginary daughter gets more sense out of the mouse than I do from Jill Y and Jill Y agrees with me.

    1. I do Don Don’s but I think it’s fair to say that I understand Yeats more than I understand women and that’s saying something!

  2. Perhaps your imaginary daughter is Sylvia Plath:

    So daddy, I’m finally through.
    The black telephone’s off at the root,
    The voices just can’t worm through.

    1. I think you might be on to something Bill. I’ll have to check her birth cert and see what’s on it.

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