Bros For Trump

Liberty University students, Austin Miller, of Salisbury N.C., left, James Ford, of Elkton Md., second from left, Jeremy Boyd, of New York City, center, Josian O'Boyle, of Toronto Canada, second from right, and Cody Hildebrand, of Fayetteville W.Va., pose for photos with their home made t-shirts as they wait for a speech by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., Monday, Jan. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

R: “Yo, T, are you super stoked for this Trump rally or what?”

T: “Totally, thumbs up for that, bro.”

U: “Dude, this is gonna be one of the most badass gatherings of White people EVER!! It’s gonna put Pledge Week to shame.”

P: “Hey M, what’s up? You don’t look so hot.”

M: “Aghh…I think I had too many Jello shots.”

R: “Your loss, man. We’re gonna find one of those towel-head protestors and drag them out of this rally.”

T: “Hey, speaking of that, Trump doesn’t ever seem to talk about his policy positions. Does he even have one on the Middle East?”

U: “What? Of course he does. He’s gonna invade the Middle East and crush the Arabs, unlike our current Pussy-In-Chief.”

T: “But won’t that cost a butt-load of money? How do you pay for it?

R: “Dude, get real. You just cut off money for seniors and the poor. And students. Problem solved.”

U: “Yup, word. And he’s also got that wall to keep the beaners out too, paid for by them.”

T: “But won’t they just dig a tunnel under that thing, like El Chapo did?”

U: “What is your problem, T? Don’t you want to make America great again?”

M: “Oh crap, I’m gonna hurl!”

P: “Yo, so what are we doing after the rally?

R: “It just so happens I’ve arranged a hookup to party with some hotties. They’re into letter shirts as well. I’ve got a picture on my phone. Here, check it out.”


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  1. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
    – George Carlin

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