Camelot: C’est Blanc!

Scamalot! Scamalot!
From far alt.right I smelled you there.
Scamalot! Scamalot!
In great regard I held you there.
If I had a soul I’d be a coprolite —
But now it’s enough that I am white.

A brown-nose of the Tower Trump’s convinceable,
Believes what a less gullible man finds crass;
Agreeing where nobody else agrees
Licks spittle should Trump sneeze
And swiveling a civil tongue in Donald’s ass.
He’s fine to be supine without a principle,
From right to left to right he’s all agog.
But where in the world
Is there in the world
A man who’s such a servile dog?

C’est blanc! C’est blanc,
You’ve gotten it right,
It’s me, I have to agree,
That weasel who
Can waffle through
C’est blanc! C’est blanc, I’m white.
I haven’t a drop
Of non-white blood,
I’m whiter but not too bright!
I’m best of the crop
Up out of the mud
C’est blanc! C’est blanc! I’m white!
C’est blanc! C’est blanc! Just look at my hair!
A lush and unruly clump
My puffy eyes, my bloated face
Revealing the very best of my race
To serve at the Tower Trump!

The role of a brown-nose is a thing unthinkable
To anyone with honesty and smarts
He’s got no self-regard
And so it isn’t hard
To thoroughly clean his boss’s private parts.
He drinks what sycophants say is undrinkable
No notion or idea’s too low for him.
But where in the world
Is there in the world
A man so depraved and grim?

C’est blanc! C’est blanc!
Just look at this nose.
It poignantly points to its fee.
When raping and looting
The Muslims with Putin
C’est blanc! I’m white! It’s me!
I’ve always strayed
From what I believed
A moment ago or more.
I’ve always made
A cringe and heaved
And changed what I was for.
C’est blanc! C’est blanc!
I always have chose
To dodge and avoid the blow,
And though my soul’s inert and dead
I’ve always been, whatever is said,
The whitest man I know!
C’est blanc!

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