Drinking Beer and Eating Squirrel: What I Learned From Magazines This Week


Reading magazines this week, I learned that:

A British survey has concluded that consuming organic foods can extend your life… for three weeks.(Popular Mechanics, 3/16)

The average caretaker in the United States is a 49-year-old woman caring for a 69-year-old relative. (Real Simple, 2/16)

endofworldVivos, an apocalypse shelter company, has built dozens of secure doomsday shelters all over the world, including a 76 acre bunker somewhere under Europe. Owner Robert Vicino sees himself as a 21st century Noah.
(Popular Mechanics, 3/16)


Eating squirrel isn’t unusual in Pennsylvania.
(Philadelphia Magazine, 2/16)


Iggy Pop has covered Frank Sinatra.
(Time, 3/16)

Eighty-eight  percent of adults have sent or received a sexually explicit text message.
(Health, 1/16)

Outdoor cats kill over a billion birds each year.
(Organic Life, 01/16)

When sound researcher R. Murray Schafer asked North Americans to hum a note, they produced a B-natural, which is the same pitch as the electric current in their wires.  In the U.K. people hummed a G-sharp —  the frequency of their electric current.
(Organic Life, 1/16)

Ten percent of home schooled kids are black. Why? Parents are fed up with a system they see as broken and racist.
(Philadelphia, 2/16)

Sleeping on your side is better than sleeping on your back or stomach for eliminating brain waste –chemicals that can build up over time, potentially causing cognitive health problems like Alzheimer’s.
(Health, 1/16)

Women who drink beer once or twice a week have a 30% lower risk of heart attack.
(Prevention, 2/16)

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  1. I am a side sleeper and now have that cool pillow made especially for side sleepers. I guess I will have my mind when I am older. Well, since I sometimes don’t have it now, we shall see!

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