Finding Serenity with The Bowl Light

I have embarked on an activity that has pushed me out of my comfort zone: Venture Capitalist Queries for HOPress-Shorehouse Books.  After presenting a great business plan to some VC companies whose CEOs are a total combined age of about 26, I received some amazing responses such as:

You want people to read books?

So you publish people who write like 50 Shades of Grey or  Twilight?

Instead of writing a book, can we get them to do a You Tube version so people don’t have to sit and read?

And lastly,

Do you have anyone famous? Because if you don’t, we don’t care about your books.

In case anyone wondered, this is why I need to unplug from the world on the weekends.  Anyway, as I was unplugged this weekend, and allowing my mind to veg out on TV, I saw this commercial which made everything so clear.  This is the type of product VC companies are clamoring for, and rightly so. This company saw a need and filled it. Are you ready?  Meet Bowl Light which transforms your toilet into a soft, gentle night light.

The bowl light


Apparently, this hi-tech device offers a multitude of perks that literacy does not.

Perk #1: The natural glow from the LED light that clamps to your bowl can entertain  and encourage the one who needs to tinkle. The tinklers can choose the color they wish the bowl to be for their visit because that is so important when one needs to void. I know if my potty water is not a tranquil shade of blue, I just cannot go.

Perk #2:  The bowl light provides a soothing and peaceful glow in the bathroom so there is no need to turn on the bright bathroom lights and disturb the sleep of others.  Being the old-fashioned girl I am, I have a night light in my bathroom, but who wants a plain night light when the water in my bowl can be welcoming and the color of a rainbow?

Perk #3:  Much like the guys who guide 747s on to a runway, the Bowl Light directs the tinkler to the middle of the bowl thus ensuring accuracy. Yep, a nice colorful bowl encourages the male sex especiallyto hit their mark. Who knew this is all it took to keep a bathroom clean?

Perk #4: The light is motion activated so it is in itself an extra bit of security. If a burglar uses the bathroom, you can catch him in the act.

Perk #5 , Your toilet bowl can match your  decor and make your house a designer masterpiece.  I know there are days when I say to myself, “When I decide to sell my house, I’m not worrying about the updated ceramic shower or professional staging. Nope, all I need is Bowl Light to bring in the buyers!”

Don’t deny it.  Right now you are saying, “This sounds silly, but how great would this be for our next party?”  It’s okay, I get it. I am tempted to purchase this myself.  So, if you want to buy Bowl Light go here. And for a limited time you can get two for the price of one–just pay additional shipping and handling.

So, here you have it.  I can publish another 40 books and encourage the world to read and writers to dream about being authors, but what I can’t give them is a mood-enhanced potty.  I wonder if I can give Bowl Light away at author events—you know—it might add a bit of ambiance to that bathroom reading experience.  Hey, maybe that is the angle to use to make the VC people take me seriously. Something to ponder.

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13 thoughts on “Finding Serenity with The Bowl Light”

  1. I’m pretty sure you saw this between the hours of 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM. And you were wondering if you should just get up and go pee,already. Then, there it was a guiding light, a sign, a talisman that told you people will read by their toilet light!!!!

  2. I have enough trouble choosing the right chair throw cover, so that it won’t clash with the one on my daybed.

    As for the whippersnapper CEOs, my guess is that they can’t read, and they have a 60 year old secretary write all their correspondence for them.

  3. Most people who buy my books read them on the porcelain throne! (don’t ask me how I know this) Sign me up for a case! Great post Donna!! 😉

    1. Not impressed with anyone’s mental health issues with this because they seem to make a lot of money. As for the VC’s, I hope they fall in the bowl without a life jacket.

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