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Political Sillimericks

April 16, 2016

Trump and Boehner – fruit colored
One, nationalist, the other a dullard
One weeps uncontrollably
The other, a king, wannabe
Neither eats greens that are collard

John and Don, with the hue of a carrot
Combined with the looks of a ferret
However, when hair is considered
A tweeter on his device once twittered
They couldn’t be less disparate

Sarah Palin claims as much science as Bill Nye
Says she knows as much as the Guy
But when she opens her mouth
All science goes South
Leaving no doubt as to why

New bathroom laws in Carolina
For the Gays and the Trans, not-so-fina
Religious protectors
Become pubic inspectors
The Trans have it better in China

Stan Silliman

Sports writer for 13 years, my Bleacher Report articles in USA Today, LA Times, Forbes, Dallas Morning News. Seven books, 6000 jokes, 860 columns written. Also very active on a website called Kwipster. I've writtens for comics and cartoonists. Samples of some of my cartoon/humor books can be seen at www.comedyempirepress.com I'm also a comedian with regular appearances in New York, Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City and Las Vegas. If I ever get on cruise ships, I'll let you know.

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