Shouldn’t Hillary Be Considered a Patriot For Using Her Own Server?

Is Hillary A Patriot For Having Used Her Own Server?

Can Mrs. Clinton really be blamed for having her own private Internet server?

In these days of international hacking scheme, electronic surveillance and NSA intrusions into our private lives why shouldn’t she?

It is a down right smart thing to do. In fact, you could call it a down right patriotic thing to do. Far worse things have been called patriotic- using all manner of foul insults against established politicians due to their party affiliations or political beliefs, using unhanded tactics to achieve a hidden political agenda (ie. Iran contra scandal, funding right wing murderous paramilitary groups in South America), torturing in the name of your country (Abu Graib being a recent example). Also electing Donald Trump The Republicans candidate for President.

With intrusions into our emails, private telephones and our private websites whether personal, governmental or business by different agencies and hackers around the world anything one can do to protect themselves against cyber invasion is a wise move. Paid Russian, Chinese and other hackers employed by their own governments have proved that there are no ethical limits in this new game. The Russians invading the Democratic private websites to probably influence the Presidential election proves this.

Being in the extremely sensitive position of being the Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton NEEDED to have a private server for her correspondence. Who is to say what the NSA would have done with the information coming through their hands through their own ‘legitimatized’ forms of watching over our shoulders? Perhaps posted those photos they’ve collected of her trying on different bathing suits? ( Yes, we are onto you!)

Now, had a Republican been the Secretary of State during the Benghazi affair and had done the same thing it would have all blown over by now. All the right wing blowhards like Limbaugh and Hannity would have made up excuses for him and minimized the problem. They would have said “Oh, so what! Cheney used a private server! So what! Have you ever heard of Amendment rights?” They also would have attacked the Democrats for having ever raised a fuss over it.

So, what do you think they would find on Donald Trump’s private server if we could take a peek at it-

Copies of “Slovenian Girls Gone Wild”.

Underlined copies of Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’.

Secret recommendations of how to govern while President from Dick Cheney.

A copy of “How To Be President For Dummies” by George W. Bush.

Covert nude photos of Miss Universe contestants in various stages of undress.

An order form for a chastity belt for Ivanka, his daughter.

Secret plans to open a casino in a wing of the Congress building in D.C.

Secret plans to open a casino in every Capital in America.


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