Unsolved Musical Mysteries


Sometimes Albert (yes, I know he’s dead but work with me) and I wonder, what if Pink Floyd didn’t put another brick in the wall?  What if Kenny Roger’s never met up with the gambler?  What if Maroon-5 didn’t have the moves like Jagger? What if Prince’s dove wouldn’t cry?  What if Cyndi Lauper’s girls didn’t want to have fun?  What if Meatloaf didn’t want to do anything for love?  What if Gladys Knight and the Pips train never left Georgia at midnight?  What if Mick Jagger did get no satisfaction?  What if I wasn’t happy and I didn’t know it and I never clapped my hands? And, last but far from least, what if the Carpenters birds suddenly disappeared every time you were near?  Hmm? Unsolved musical mysteries.





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5 thoughts on “Unsolved Musical Mysteries”

  1. What if diamonds aren’t forever but are temporary like the sunshine in Ireland?

  2. What if Billy Joel never took piano lessons? What if Carly Simon never met any vain men?

  3. I think the Beatles answered many of these questions on their Musical Mystery Tour.

    1. Or, perhaps they asked the burning question why they’re like to be under the sea in an Octopus’s Garden by the sea and not be with the Fool on the Hill? 😉

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