What a relief, maybe

I recently realized that I hadn’t been getting notifications on my Humor Outcast comments, so I apologize for not answering. Finding out didn’t upset me at all–in fact, it was a relief. After all, it could  be no one replied because I was boring and/or repetitive, which would have made me feel like a humor … outcast.

But then I realized something … just because I didn’t get notifications doesn’t prove I’m not boring.

I’m a glass half empty kind of guy.

See this? A few years ago I shoveled snow. In an ugly yellow coat. How interesting is that? I couldn’t find a more recent photo of me that wasn’t boring, but this one’s action packed.


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7 thoughts on “What a relief, maybe”

  1. Not sure if anyone takes me serious and I have nobody to blame for that but myself but not everyone responds to all comments. If you missed responding to a few, you were cool enough to let the good people know why. If someone is gracious enough to leave a comment, you can be damn sure I’m going to respond to that comment as a small way of saying thanks. I don’t care how popular some people are in the comments section, if someone gives of their free time and drops you a few words, have a bit of decency and respond to them.

    Now, sorry Mark – rant over. Jill Y tells me that the color yellow goes with certain things but I’d be lying if I said I was paying attention!

    1. I’m with you–it’s easy to read something and just pass on, or not read it at all, but it takes an effort to make a comment. That’s why I was kind of upset when I realized a few people had commented on my post before this one, but I didn’t catch it until the reply window had closed.

      This time, I got your comment notification! It seems to be coming and going, now.

    1. Oh, sure, it’s my fault just because I do it wrong! 🙂

      Actually, I really don’t recall making any changes … and I yesterday I couldn’t even figure out how to make changes in the settings. This is further evidence of my ongoing theory that some very smart computer somewhere is messing with me.

    1. All I know is, my wife made me give it away and get something that made me less obvious. Or … less safe? Come to think of it, that was right after I got life insurance.

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