Who’s Confused NOW!

Who's confused now!
Who’s confused now!

Confused Carl challenged his girlfriend’s argument  that he was too dumb to come out of the rain.  Carl was determined to proof her wrong.


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10 thoughts on “Who’s Confused NOW!”

  1. I think we should give the dude a break. Confused Carl is being through to himself, you know… in the confused stakes!

    1. HAHAHA! Cathy, Rhianna would have grabbed his umbrella, whacked him over his head and kept going! 😉

  2. On the other hand, Carl’s girlfriend didn’t say ANYTHING about umbrellas. She just said he was too dumb to come out of the rain. Judging from the fact that he is apparently heading INTO the rain instead of out of it, she was right. Of course, holding a closed umbrella over his head will keep a few drops of it from Carl’s hair, so at least his hair is out of the rain, which makes Carl partly right. This leaves the girlfriend just MOSTLY right.

    Yes, I have seen “The Princess Bride” more than once. Why do you ask?

    1. Confused Carl didn’t know how to use an umbrella It never opened. INCONCEIVABLE!! 😉

      1. Maybe she told him to hold an umbrella over his head, but didn’t tell him that he had to open it first. In that case, I don’t think her words mean what he thinks they mean. 😀

    1. I agree Paul, because one never knows when a closed umbrella will come in handy, sigh! 🙁

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