With Mallets toward Some


Artwork by Eli Connaughton. Idea/text by Bill Spencer.

Eli Connaughton as artist website: http://www.chickenwisdom.com/

Eli Connaughton as writer website: http://www.eliconnaughton.com/

Eli Connaughton
Eli Connaughton
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6 thoughts on “With Mallets toward Some”

  1. You make us dance to at the beat of a different drum, Bill and the different drum is hilarious.

    1. Eli & I enjoy playing our part in drumming up a few laughs. That’s a feeling that can’t be beat.

  2. Very funny!

    I looked up the musical definition of a mallet on the Internet.

    A wooden or plastic stick with a rounded head, used to play certain percussion instruments such as xylophone and marimba.

    Then, I laugh!

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