The Microphone

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Today I am grateful for the little microphone icon on my smart phone.  I have recently learned about this little dictation device and while my fat fingers love not having to punch in actual letters, I have a long way to go to master it.  It’s no secret my smart phone is the smart one and not me.


I got a text from a friend asking, “Are you busy on September 3rd?”  Himself was standing next to the calendar in the kitchen so I asked him to check, while I hit the speaker button.  Here’s what transpired.  I will put the words of HIMSELF in all caps so you are not as confused as we all are.


WE HAVE NO PLANS so Himself checked and we are free and can make it WHERE DID YOU PUT THE CHEESE In the same drawer it’s always in look for it IT’S NOT THERE yes it is just look for it and if this is a camping thing you can count me out unless you have rented a Winebago WHO ARE YOU TALKING TOO I’m sending a text with the speaker thingy BOY THAT’S ANNOYING well it wouldn’t be if you would stop commenting because it’s recording our entire conversation WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO because then it would record our entire conversation WHAT, I CAN’T HEAR YOU that’s because I’m not talking to you WAIT UNTIL I COME IN THERE you don’t have to come in here because there is nothing I need to talk to you about WHAT DID YOU SAY I said you didn’t have to come in here THEN WHY DID YOU CALL ME I didn’t call you all I asked you to do was look at the calendar to see if we had the date free WHAT DATE September third for the love of God WELL WE’RE FREE AND I FOUND THE CHEESE THANKS FOR ASKING your ears are whistling I DON’T HEAR THEM I know but I do and you’re whistling DAMNED HEARING AIDS. . . .send!


I have no clue how to go in and delete the crap, which most of it was anyway so I just sent another text. . .typing it in with fat fingers this time. . . “We can make it.”  Gotta love technology and the losers who try to use it!

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