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You know you’re old when you go to the airport and you don’t even recognize the names of the airlines anymore.  What the heck happened to Braniff and TWA?  While trying to find an arrival flight to pick up a relative, I saw all kinds of airlines that I’ve never even heard of before.  There was some airline called Open Skies, another called Compass Air, and there were more.  I saw Envoy Air, Horizon Air, PSA Air, Republic Air, and Air-Sunshine.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I certainly hope the skies are open to any plane I board, and I would’ve assumed they all had a compass.  I really don’t plan on flying any envoys.  I think that’s just a terrorist attack waiting to happen.  I’m hoping any plane I get on can at least make it to the horizon.  I guess PSA Air is either just for men so they can check their prostate’s or maybe it’s just a cheaper airline because they save money by constantly airing public service announcements.  I’m also guessing that Republic Air doesn’t want me because I’m a democrat, but I would like to fly Air-Sunshine since I’m assuming that they’ll only take me into the air when there’s sunshine.  This sounds like the safest airline to me.

Now I can tell you that I have heard of American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.  I am an American, so I believe they’ll let me fly on that Airline, but as for Virgin Atlantic, well I don’t think I’ll be flying on that one for obvious reasons!

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