Ahh, summer

Finally, summer is here. I’m now convinced that I can put away my long sleeved shirts, my running tights, my gloves, my ear warmers, my heavy socks and all the rest of the cold weather running paraphernalia required north of the Mason Dixon line.

Now its shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, crew socks and a light hat and sunglasses and I’m good to go. Also, it means less laundry to wash!

If you like races, there are bound to be any of a wide variety of races each and every weekend from family fun runs, 5K’s, 10K’s, half and full marathons, ultras or challenge events like tough mudders.

Another benefit for this time of year is that it’s nice and light early in the morning. I get up, dress up and hit the road or trail for an early morning start. There are great benefits to an early morning run:

  • You get to see the sunrise.
  • It’s cooler with less humidity to deal with.
  • I’m done early, ready to face the day without being concerned about when I can get my run in.
  • There are no crowds. I don’t have to deal with the moms and their baby carriages, the grandparents babysitting their rug rats, the leisurely walkers ambling along the path and the caretakers with their noisy lawn mowers and gardening paraphernalia.
  • I get to see the wildlife, the deer, the rabbits etc plus I can actually hear the birds signing. Later in the day they all go into hiding from the humans or find a cool shady place to cool off.

Of course, there is one downside to my early morning run. I’ve not performed all of my normal early morning ablutions including my toilet necessities. One thing, as a runner which you can count on, is regularity. Evidently, in addition to increasing your blood flow, other bodily functions move more readily also. As a result, I find it necessary, on my morning runs, to stay within a half a mile of a Porta Potty!

Otherwise, it’s disaster. (see below)


Roger Hollis, is the author of Running Log: Whether a beginner, a long-time runner, a runner who is in it for just fun and exercise or an ardent racer, we all have a variety of “tools” we use to keep us motivated. One of Roger Hollis’ long-time “tools” is a training log. He has dozens that he has filled in over the years.  He still keeps them (He is not sure why),  but they are his guides to tracking the miles he has logged to reach his annual goal.  While this training log provides you with a weekly summary of your progress, Hollis has added a little whimsy for each week in the form of a cartoon to perhaps keep you motivated but also, hopefully, to add a small chuckle to your day.

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