Running, what a great sport!

What a great sport running is. I mean, think of all of the advantages!

  1. You can run anywhere. You don’t need a football field or a baseball field (of course you can run around them if no one is using them!). No need for an indoor basketball court, an ice skating rink or a tennis court. Just head out the door and run around your neighborhood. (Ignore the neighbors; they just think you’re crazy anyway).
  2. Don’t need any fancy gear. No shoulder pads, no knee pads, no helmet, no cleats, no fancy gloves, no skates, no sticks or balls, just a good pair of running shoes (go ahead, use the pair you bought to play in that basketball league you never joined).
  3. No fancy clothes. Just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts will work just fine. There is even a race for runners who don’t wear any clothes (California I think, no surprise there, although the picture that comes to mind is kind of scary. Some people should not be seen in public without clothes!).
  4. Kids, teenagers, men, women, skinny, overweight (you would not believe the people I have seen who I would swear could not run a mile but go ahead and complete a marathon), every skin color known, every ethnic group known are runners
  5. It’s all age inclusive from ages 5 to 105. I’ve seen kids as young as 5 running in a 5K (I know because one passed me!). The oldest male marathon runner is Falja Singh (101 years old) and the oldest female runner is Gladys Burrill (92 years old) and every age in between.

So come join us, you’ll fit right in.

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