Today’s Reminder: Aging will Rock You Like A Hurricane

My husband has had The Weather Channel on all morning. We don’t live anywhere near hurricane Florence, but we are compelled to watch. It made me wonder if I had a channel called the Storm of Aging, if people would watch it like a train wreck.

I’m pretty sure no one would watch that channel, or the new Netflix series: Get Prepared for Hurricane Caregiver. Or even the HBO event: The Devastating Typhoon of Long-Term Care.

I know, this ain’t sexy. It’s not exciting, but it sure can be as calamitous.

We’ve all seen on those made-for-TV-movies when the heroine is sure to die from the rare disease that she contracted in the Amazon jungle while trying to save a previously, unknown Pygymy tribe that she will now “get her affairs in order!” Miraculously, a suited-up lawyer appears in the jungle with a notary to take care of the paperwork.

Don’t be the jungle heroine. If she had lived, she would still need paperwork done.  She would need a Financial Power of Attorney, a Health Care Power of Attorney, a Living Will, a Will and even maybe she should’ve considered a trust for all those royalties from her incredible tale.

People prepare for retirement. People prepare for death. But they do not prepare for the “Typhoon In Between.” Long-term care costs and the wrong preparation can and does leave people (especially women) destitute. Don’t let that be you.

See an Elder Lawyer, not an Estate Lawyer (although, if they are both an Elder and Estate Lawyer that’s a win-win).  We are nice people. Ask this one question:  “What do you know about Medicaid Planning and Long-Term care spending from my assets?”

GET PREPARED. That’s what I’ve been seeing all week from Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel.  And that’s a great message for everyone.

“You Just Have to Laugh….and Get Prepared…..”

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