You Might Be A Runner:

You might be a runner if:

  1. You run further every week than the miles you drive to work.
  2. You spend $125 for a pair of running shoes every 6 months but haven’t bought a pair of dress shoes for over 5 years.
  3. Your idea of a great Christmas gift is another pair of running socks or shorts.
  4. Your idea of a vacation is signing up for a marathon race in another part of the country.
  5. When someone asks you how far a 5K run is and you say “only 3.1 miles”.
  6. 90% of the clothes in your wash are running attire.
  7. You have tan lines on your ankles and thighs.
  8. You think that when the temperature is 55 degrees and there is a light rain, it’s a great time to go for a run.
  9. You know what “fartlek” means.
  10. You know what “plantar fasciitis” is.
  11. You pay money to run a race on a course you normally run for free any other time.
  12. You have more running shoes than regular shoes.
  13. You’ve pre-ordered the new Vessi waterproof shoes before Vessi has even patented them.
  14. You had invested all that money you spent on running gear and race fees; you could have retired by now.
  15. You’ve got race finish medals hanging from your fireplace mantel.
  16. You hate the word “jogger”.
  17. You know that negative splits have nothing to do with gymnastics.
  18. You have a closet full of old, worn out running shoes.
  19. You know what the term “VO2 Max” means.
  20. You’ll drive 100 K to run in a 10K and you can convert the distance into miles.
  21. You have 3 drawers full of running gear and one drawer for everything else.
  22. You know that the word “bib” has nothing to do with babies.
  23. Your favorite beverage is Gatorade followed as a close second by beer.

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