Epic Fail……………..

We should all be keeping a journal about this historic time. I must have four or five blank or half-filled journals around here, but haven’t begun nary a one. I keep telling myself that my granddaughter and all those grandkids-to-be are going to be so pissed off when they find out their Nonna, a writer and speaker, couldn’t be bothered to write down the details about the most historic time ever.

I know this because my Nana was 19 when the Spanish Flu hit and we live one hour outside of Philly. Philly was allegedly the epicenter of that worldwide disaster. Nana never once told us a story about the pandemic. And now I’m pissed. I asked my mom for a few tidbits, which she had but that was it.

So I wish for you to share with me your epic fails during this time. Yes, it’s selfish. It will make me feel better. I am going to do the same for you. And then I will get out my journal with either the black cover for a Black Plague sort of feel, or the prettiest cover for the “this is how we kept sane and happy,” sort of take on this. I have not yet decided. You may feel free to weigh in on the cover choice as well.

Here are my:

Epic Fails

  1. Writing this crazy crap down
  2. Cleaning out just ONE thing—just one–nope
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Closets
      • Linen Closets
      • Makeup Drawers
      • Junk Drawers
      • Kids’ (who have apartments, houses, children, and closets of their own) closets and bedrooms
      • Utensil drawers
      • Kitchen cabinets including Pantries
      • Offices
      • Basements
  3. Making a schedule–except for naps, haven’t missed one yet (seems wrong to count that as a positive)
  4. Remembering to pull something out of the freezer before actual dinner time (how is this a problem….you aren’t going anywhere, you pass the freezer to the microwave  18 times to warm your coffee before lunch)
  5. Cleaning (wiping down the groceries does not count)
  6. Wearing a full nice outfit (yes, I too cheat on the pants)
  7. Continuing that great flossing routine you finally achieved (why? My dentist canceled. I’ll show him)
  8. Hanging up coats
  9. Gardening of any kind
  10. Working my biceps and triceps to failure (this I am told by my trainer is a good thing, but it counts as a failure so I’m giving myself points)

This seems like to good place to start a Covidiary. It makes me look human and then my grandkids can feel sorry for me that I had so much to do that I couldn’t even get to the simplest tasks even during a quarantine.

I will, in the alternative take ALL your successes. It may spur on others to get a move on. Based on the last four weeks, I doubt it will have much motivational pull on me. But you are welcome to try and I will read every suggestion and respond accordingly. Suggest at your own peril.

Remember, as in exercise: Failure is Success!

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay safe my friends!

“You Just have to Laugh………………. and fail, cause it’s a fine time to fail!”

©2020 Cathy Sikorski


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2 thoughts on “Epic Fail……………..”

  1. Covidiary.

    Great word!

    I have been drafted by the library where I work to give an online presentation on the topic of writing about this pandemic.

    I am going to use this lovely word. Thanks! (I will, of course, credit you.)

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