You Know It’s Time to Declutter When …

In every life, there comes a time when one has to get rid of some of those possessions that have, over the years, multiplied like oversexed rabbits.

Oh, but all those things have a use, you say.

Yes, but have you used them at any time in the last two years?

Well, no, but I might. You never know.

Get rid of them!

Is the path from your living room to your kitchen an obstacle course? If your answer is yes, you might want to consider dumping that ottoman instead of having to dodge it all the time.

I have things stored in that ottoman, you say.

When was the last time you looked at any of those things you have stuck in there?

Well …

Get rid of them, then get rid of the ottoman!

Is your closet bulging with clothes, some of which you last wore when Clinton was President? If so, maybe your wardrobe needs a cleaning-out.

Oh, but I can’t get rid of my old clothes, you say. Suppose they come back into style, and I lose enough weight to wear them again?

Will you wear them again, or did you get tired of them years ago? What about the ones that are falling apart? And then there are the ones that you never wear because you don’t like them or they don’t go with anything else.

Well …

Get rid of them!

I can see the tears forming on the faces of some of my readers at the thought of getting rid of beloved junk that is taking up valuable space in their homes. I sympathize because I am one of them. I, too, share my living space with an assortment of useless items that would probably be happier in the local thrift shop. There they could be adopted by people who would love them and care for them, or at least use them.

I am determined to rid my space of anything that isn’t contributing to the decor of my apartment, entertaining me, enriching my life, or making life more comfortable.

I’ll start tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “You Know It’s Time to Declutter When …”

  1. I hide stuff. Out of JIll Y’s sight, out of mind and that buys me time.

  2. For me it’s many boxes of photographs and cassette tapes. What to do? What to do?

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