God, Not More Comments On The Headlines!!!

God, Not More Comments On The Headlines!!! Margo Robbie Leaves Us Speechless in a Black Minidress And Sheer Tights. Margo Robbie would leave us speechless wearing a suit of armor! Scientists Finally Agree On How Pyramids Were Built. With rocks…… Louisiana Congressional Candidate Touts Trump Endorsement. Afterwards he called Trump and told him his check was in the mail. Kanye Says He Is Taking A 30 Day Cleanse From Speaking, Sex And Acohol. He will also take a break from being ridiculous, but that will be more difficult. Jack Black says “it feels like the end of the world” if voters don’t turn out for the midterm elections. Of course Jack said this at the height of an all-night bender. Come around tomorrow when he’s sober and it might be a different tune…… Trump Lawyers Said That They Saw Justice Thomas As Being ‘The Only Chance’ Of Stopping 2020 Election Certification. And that is only because he had his wife blocking the doors to the judicial chamber. The World Needs Chromium And Lithium. Afghanistan has them. What Happens Next? “Come on all of you big, strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again” (To the tune of The Fixin’ To Die Rag.” Judge Agrees To Appoint Monitor On Trump Organization Assets. And another monitor on Trump’s ass-grabbing…… In Minnesota, GOP Eyes Grab Of Rare Democrat Midwest Stronghold. Oh no! They are going after the theater where Garrison Keillior is performing!!! 100 Drafted Russian Soldiers Go One Strike, Refusing To Fight in Ukraine After Not Getting paid. That’s because Putin wanted to pay them in Ukrainian hryvnya (money)…… Heavily Criticized Russian Commander Takes Three Week Holiday. Now if only the rest of the Russian military would take a three week holiday too we would have some peace for a while and so would the Ukrainians!

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