It’s So Hot Jokes Get Cold Reception

This week has been so hot, “so hot” jokes have been trending.

There’s only so much you can do with them, of course–they’ve been around a long time. One of the original European settlers, in the Roanoke Colony of Virginia, left a note that said “it’s so hot we’re moving to Plymouth”. The settlers were never heard from again, after apparently getting lost on the Washington, D.C. beltway.

Just the same, it’s been so hot even I’ve been uncomfortable, not that I’d admit it. I’d still take a heat wave over a cold snap, but that doesn’t mean I like either one. I went out to mow the lawn at 9 a.m. the other day, and ended up going through five water bottles: Three in me and two over me. It was so hot the lawn mower started flashing an error light that said “water me”.

“You think I’m leaving the shade without a drink, first? You just filled me with gasoline!”


I didn’t know it even had error lights.

Fun fact: In order to clean my mower you have to connect a garden hose, which sprays water all over the inside of the mower deck while it runs, to clean the grass off. So, you DO have to water it.

Naturally, it’s not just the heat up here. It was so humid that, after I mowed, I had to step into the shower to dry off. Relax, I’m not posting any photos of that.

Anything that was in full sunlight started to glow red, unless it was already red, in which case it started to glow orange. The fire hydrant down the street called me over and begged me to let my dog pee on it. I refused, being worried about steam burns.


“Don’t worry about me peeing back at you, I can hold my water.”


You’d think the humidity would satisfy it. At one point the humidity level was 140%, which translated to a heat index of, and I quote, “broil”. Jim Cantore came over from The Weather Channel to investigate how the humidity can actually be higher than 100%, and his cameraman drowned. Meanwhile, three people were blinded when the sun shone of Cantore’s head. He was heard to say, “I’d rather have thundersnow”. Speak for yourself, fella.

But I took advantage of it by letting the air conditioner drain its water into a bucket outside, then using the bucket to water my plants. By the way, if anyone needs any planters, I, uh, killed all my flowers with scalding water.

It’s been especially rough for people who don’t have air conditioners–or for people who had no power at all, including the ones south and west of my home who were hit by the latest derecho. (It is too a real word–shut up, spell check.)

I tried to honor their crisis by going outside, at least long enough to mow the lawn. Their general response was that I was crazy, and could they stop by for several hours?

Anyway, eventually I had to go out again, to let the dog water that hydrant. The dog’s response? “Um, no thanks … I’ll hold it.”

“Nope. Uh-uh, not until the next cold snap hits in July.”
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  1. In Ireland in the 70’s, we once seen the sun and I nearly called my ex to be around something shady.

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