“Please Be Chaste!” In Wake of Supreme Court Ruling, Mississippi Governor Begs Poor Women to Forgo Sex

Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, does not want the overturning of Roe vs. Wade to have a disproportionate impact on low-income females in his state.  Prompted by this concern, he took to the airwaves on Sunday night.  In a televised address, he implored poor women to stop having sex:

“I know that most of you do not have the means to travel out of state for an abortion if you become pregnant.  I feel your anguish.  But I guarantee you, if you don’t let a man’s seed get near your lady parts, you will NOT get pregnant!

“Trust me, sex is WAY overrated.  Just ask my wife Elee.  Heck, the last time I snuggled up to her and requested some conjugals, she just stared at me and suggested that we go to Chick-fil-A instead.  She said she was ‘in the mood’ for one of their Spicy Deluxe sandwiches.  So that’s what we did, and it was great!

“Y’all take care now!”




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