There’s a Hypothetical Kneed For Down time

 Let’s say some guy–not me, you understand, but just some hypothetical person–started to get a little ache in his knee. Maybe it started, for example, from lifting a sick 75 pound dog into a car, or maybe his job moved to a new place and he was climbing a lot of stairs he wasn’t used to, something like that.

This is strictly hypothetical.

Now, let’s say it got to hurting him, but after a couple of weeks it started getting better. So he–it could be a she–put on a knee brace and decided to mow his lawn, in the theory that it would test how serious this particular medical malfunction could be.

It would be like running your lawn mower until a wheel fell off. Which this hypothetical person also did. Allegedly.

And let’s say the next day this person couldn’t walk.

Would you call this person an idiot?

You would? Oh. Well, it’s hypothetical. Still, you’ll be happy to know that you’d be in agreement with his wife, his dog, the doctor, and himself. But if this whole thing had actually happened, you can be sure he would have learned his lesson, especially when the pain got so bad he couldn’t even sit propped in a chair, working on his writing, because it hurt to much to concentrate.


Brace yourself!


So that guy would probably suck it up, get the x-ray, take the pain med, and stay home in a chair with his foot propped up even if the weekend weather was great. There comes an age where you can’t just push through this kind of thing, even if there are yards to mow and bushes to trim, and chores from last year he never got around to. It’s hard for some people to not feel productive, in one way or another, but hey–there are always books to read.

Still, it makes a person think. That’s more than this person was doing when he wore himself down to begin with.



Let’s face it: It’s not the dumbest thing this hypothetical personal ever did.



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4 thoughts on “There’s a Hypothetical Kneed For Down time”

  1. You can call that person anything you like without fear of retaliation because he/she /insert other pronoun because the world has lost the plot are not real.

  2. But you had to know! How would any of the great inventions get made if we didn’t have a burning need to know?

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