Eric Preet’s Week of Sins: Sunday

AND, INDEED, I was. Brenda was relentless. The next day was Sunday and she was still hard at it, or, rather, me. If I had been hoping to commit the seventh deadly sin of sloth, I was to be sorely disappointed.

So now, I just live day by day, humbly putting my life back together. Brenda is a performance artist, currently touring men’s prisons.

And me? I’m much in demand as an exhibit warning of the dangers of the flesh. I no longer look in mirrors.


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7 thoughts on “Eric Preet’s Week of Sins: Sunday”

    1. Thank you Jack. That’s quite an achievement for someone (me) who’s half Irish and half Greek.

  1. Based on this I would inquire if you have any flesh left to commit sin with.

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