My Dad always said Big Girls need Lovin’ Too, But this is Ridiculous!

This has been an interesting week at the trailer park. We had a couple of very large women move in three trailers down from us. The bigger of the two weighs about 300 and has a face like a pug nosed pit-bull– her name is Peaches. I swear if Peaches was stranded on an island with cannibals, they would take one look at her then go back to eating coconuts.

The other girl weighed about 250, has red hair, a rough voice, wears a short skirt and has 5 o’clock shadow. Her name is Brandy.

My midget friend Roger and I were just hanging out when the moving truck rolled in. So, trying to be neighborly gentlemen, we went over and offered to lend the girls a hand.

Peaches quickly accepted our offer to help unload the truck. We started packing boxes into the trailer for the girls. The boxes had mostly everyday common household items. Then about a half hour into the unloading, Roger dropped a box, and it busted open as it struck the ground and we were shocked to see sex toys sex toys staring up at us from the street. Three of the toys started rolling down the street.

I couldn’t help it, but I busted out laughing as the three large dildos rolled between Roger’s legs. The biggest one was a large black one and it was in the lead rolling down the hill. In second place, was a bright orange one and the button must have turned on as it rolled because it was humming away. Last but not least, was a long slim toy that was shaped like a Cuban Cigar.
That’s when Brandy yelled Out,

“Oh my God! There goes, Mandingo, Carrot Top, and Slick Willy!”

It was a funny sight to see the big girls screaming and chasing their toys down the hill. I was actually shocked that girls named their toys. I know we guys like to name our prize possessions, but I had no idea how far females took this.

I do try to go out of my way to be a gentleman, but no way was I touching those toys! The girls retrieved their toys and placed them back in the box when Roger pointed to a green super long rubber toy and said, “What did you name this guy?”

Peaches chuckled then shyly said, “”OH that’s my rib tickler.”

Then I said, “What you girl need is a good man then you wouldn’t need all these things.” Then I gave Roger a little nudge into the girls lap.

Peaches gave Roger a big hug followed by a lip lock, then she said, “What can this little dwarf do that my toy can’t?’

“Mow your lawn” I answered.


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