Brother, can you Spare a Million?

I have tried and I mean tried to slide the odd few dollars out of my pay check so as to purchase a new shotgun for turkey season.

She thinks, “Hmm, I see there is twenty dollars missing from your pay check. I wonder if he’s been under-paid. I’d better check his pay stub.”

Now the old trouble and strife (wife) knows where every penny of both of our pay checks and our savings are at any given moment of the day or night. She can balance and rebalance and then balance again our finances no matter how much I try to finagle the cash for my new shotgun.

Now, if the woman of the house can do this, then should not the person running for the Presidency of this country know where, when, and how, all his millions are being used and invested?

Now think about this next comment and think very long and hard. Do we want a person that is so dumb and irresponsible looking after the Nations financial and economic future when he does not even know where his own money is? Or maybe he does know and he really does not want us to know that he placed all his wealth with Bernie Madoff or someone like that and got shafted. Where has all the money gone? Has someone Madoff with it, I don’t know.

Come on people use that thing between your ears – you know your brain. Now if you think Mitt is the man you want looking after your cash, why not cut out the middle man and send all your cash to me! I can rip you off and steal your money just as well as he can. And at least I will be honest and tell that I am going to screw you over. Come on people, you cannot be that dumb, unless of course you belong to the U.D.A.P. Oh and remember make those checks out to CASH! Thank you.


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6 thoughts on “Brother, can you Spare a Million?”

  1. Thank you, I think playing on words may be illegal in some states but they are republican States so they don’t count.

  2. Mitt has just completed his “Impress the World” tour and is resting in one of his houses now, counting the money from his last fundraiser.

  3. Does it matter to anyone that we need a Brit to tell us about the perils of Romney? HA HA! We might be wearing blinders. Nice post Pete! I am just starting to catch up on my commenting.

    1. Well it is a case of BSBB as we say in the UK. Me I am stii trying to catch up with the human race.

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