Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy

Sugartastic Daddy John is a man who likes to spread the love; so much so, that he had 86 kids when we counted last Sunday and Candy Sweetcheeks is going to grow that number by one, in the next couple of weeks. It isn’t that he wants anymore kids, it’s just that he doesn’t, not want any more kids or at least that’s what he thinks, he thinks. It’ll take a better man than I, to tell him to stop having kids but that doesn’t mean I can’t buy him a present:

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8 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy”

  1. Is this anything like the do-it-yourself caesarian that woman gave herself in the movie “Prometheus?”

      1. I don’t know about that. She put herself into a machine, pressed some buttons, got the surgery (and got the alien monster out), then got up and ran around like nothing had happened. I’m going to investigate that machine the next time I need surgery.

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