Laughter Yoga

I often write about my yoga exploits. I go to yoga to relax, meditate and de-stress. I know there are different types of yoga out there that add more challenge, but frankly, I have no desire to stand on my head or contort my body into positions that will leave me sore and incapacitated for days afterward. So, for this reason, I do not do Power Yoga or my daughter’s new thing, Hot Yoga, which requires participants to do complex yoga positions in an 85-plus degree room.  However,  another type of yoga that I do like and have tried with success is Laughter Yoga.  Obviously, as Denmother to the many writers of, I would support something called Laughter Yoga, but to be honest, you need neither comedy nor humor to participate.  You don’t even need intelligence which means anyone from the Jersey Shore cast to the US Congress can benefit from this Yoga practice. Okay, here is the video, and before you look, promise that you will try to take a stab at this Yoga movement, which if it continues to grow, might just improve not only your world, but the entire world as well.

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5 thoughts on “Laughter Yoga”

  1. Ooh! Ooh! Instant exercise and you get to let everything go and act like a complete fool! Sign me up now!

  2. OMG!!LOL!!! I think you’ve uncovered the 5th Stooge, sign me up! Yunk, yunk, yunk,hey Moega!

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