Nic Cage is two faced

Of all the questions that people ask, perhaps the most important one is ‘How can I tell if someone steals my invisible bike?’. There is a logical answer to this question but logic to me, makes as much sense as that ‘Face Off’ film where John Travolta becomes Nic Cage and Nic Cage becomes John Travolta. That film confuses me more than magnets, but it is Jill Y’s favorite film which is why I got her this t-shirt:

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2 thoughts on “Nic Cage is two faced”

  1. I am going to admit something I have never admitted before. Here it goes Bill: I agree with you totally on this. That film did nothing but confuse me. Do you think it had a permanent effect on John Travolta and Nicholas Cage? Do you think they are suffering from identity confusion? It would explain so much.

    1. It’s good to admit when things confuse you. I spend 124% of the day being confused and the other 77% sleeping and dreaming of being confused. I reckon you’re onto something with the identity confusion. I personally think that there’s 2 Nic Cage’s. How else could he appear in every second film that’s made? I reckon there’s only 1 John Travolta and he’s religiously confused to the max.

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