Storm Clouds Brewing over The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has now decided to name winter storms. But this proclamation has created threatening skies in the weather forecasting biz.  Apparently, the National Weather Service and Accuweather’s feelings are hurt because they weren’t consulted when The Weather Channel or TWC was deciding on names, and they are accusing TWC of grandstanding.  

According to Accuweather and the National Weather Service and other competitors, storm names should be decided upon by consensus — not by one rogue weather watching network  who thinks they know everything there is to know about bad weather just because their reporters are cooler and stand outside in category 5 hurricanes.  

Okay, I might be paraphrasing the weather Channel’s competition a bit, but they also say that one weather outlet naming storms, while the rest do not, might cause confusion amongst the viewing public which could prevent people from taking necessary precautions when a storm is predicted.

Frankly, I’m siding with the other networks that were left out in the cold when it came to this storm-naming issue.  I think The Weather Channel is trying too hard.  Trust me when I say this:  You don’t have to name a snow storm to get action.  Do you need proof?  Just whisper the word “snow” and watch as  every old person within a 500-mile radius of the possible snow zone mows down anyone in their path, or not in their path for that matter, as they try to make it to the market to stockpile a month’s supply of bread, milk and eggs. They don’t need a storm with a pretty name to take action. All they need is a working car and a fear of flurries.

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7 thoughts on “Storm Clouds Brewing over The Weather Channel”

  1. Or you could name them after fruits and veggies. Somehow naming a storm “Hurricane Sweet Pea or Strawberry” just doesn’t carry the same sense of urgency. 🙂

  2. With all of the tropical storms that we have now, I think the other weather services might be afraid they will run out of names if they have to use some for winter storms as well. But I think Bill Y may have some good additions!

      1. Okay, Bill, you now have a new job. You have been unanimously volunteered to name every winter storm in the Northern Hemisphere this year. You can start with the Northeatern United States’ first nor’easter.

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