Can You Score A One Night Stand From Your Halloween Costume?

Let’s be honest here, if you’re single on Halloween, you probably want your costume to get attention. There’s no way you’re painting your hair green and making your face look like Snooki’s period if you weren’t. But can it score you a one night stand?

A new survey says probably not. But don’t smudge your eye socket blood with your tears just yet.  It IS possible. But marginally.

Only about one in eight single women say they’ve had a one-night stand on Halloween. I’m guessing this was quickly  paid for by the unsuspecting other participant being forced to listen to poems about Daddy not hugging them, and being friended on Tumblr.

Thankfully, the infinitely more sensible half of women say they wouldn’t have a one-night stand on Halloween.  Think about it, it WOULD be awkward to slow down that momentum, to wash off zombie makeup, or take off the corset from that medieval wench costume.

If you ARE gunning for some ‘fright night’ strange, go for the laughs. The costume that women are most attracted to on a man is a FUNNY one.  But the Bale effect is still in, with one in four women saying they’d also be attracted to a man dressed as BATMAN.

The survey also asked men in relationships if they mind when their girlfriend wears a SEXY Halloween costume.  Men were split right down the middle on whether or not it bothers them.

I wouldn’t worry, men; most ‘sexy’ outfits look like this. Relax, and have another beer. Don’t worry about curving the abs on your Man of Steel blues.

She’s going nowhere.

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