Dear Ted


Dear Ted,

I recently read something that you might find interesting and enlightening. Here it is:

The Challenge Of Aggression

In this case, the underlying fear is one of weakness. Aggression, like all challenges, is fear based. It is, in fact, a form of weakness.

People with a challenge of Aggression start fights. And not just street fights, but major wars. But someone with this challenge won’t back down, as that would “show weakness”. So when it comes to kings, presidents, and generals, history shows them rushing into wars and staying there when common sense tells them to cut their losses and get out. All because they don’t want to appear weak.

Don’t worry, Ted. We all still think you’re a big, strong man. You’re even stronger than Atlas because you don’t shrug. But you should really get counseling, for everyone’s sake. I did that once – imagine my state of mind after I found out why I looked just like our postman.

And even though we’re hurting out here, we’re rooting for ya, buddy. We want you to get better. Because that’s what we do in America, we take care of each other.

Best wishes,


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