It takes a lot of beer to gain Thirsty Dave’s respect but we buy him lots of beer so we have keg-fulls of his respect as well as keg-fulls of beer. Never let it be said the thirsty one is not a severely focused, single-minded individual who can’t walk a straight line and refuses to toe the line. Yesterday morning, the man of thirst paid us a visit and animatedly asked if he could have a daughter. We sat him down and explained that we could feed him beer but that we simply didn’t have a daughter that we could give him. He couldn’t get the words out of his mouth fast enough. He then asked if we had a father of a daughter. Again, we told him we were all out but that the next door neighbor happened to be both a father and a father of a daughter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody move so fast as he attempted to crash through the wall, into the neighbor’s house. He eventually made contact with the guy next door and was gone for little over an hour. All of a sudden he reappeared with a laughter that was so loud, it would drown out the sound of an asteroid which once exploded roughly 3-5 miles above the earth. He was clutching his cell phone as if it was a device that was capable of making phone calls. He proudly showed us the picture on his phone and explained that his entire life was building up to this one opportune moment to take a photo of a father’s daughter as she didn’t quite get what she wanted:


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11 thoughts on “Eyepad”

    1. I seriously doubt it but you never know. Google is not known for talking a soft approach with these things!

    1. Right so, I want to take your “charge” and make a funny out of it by calling it a “Discharge” but I’m not going to because I’m not sure if that’s taking it a bit too far!

    1. You have to get shots when you go drinking with Thirsty Dave and I don’t mean shots of whiskey, I mean you have to be inoculated because you could end up in some strange so-called countries!

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