My Way aka The Right Way

If I have a son or daughter somewhere, I’m going to become one of those concerned parents. I’ll be concerned that Math is not being thought correctly and that the numbers don’t add up. At the moment, I’m the ruler of 14 Eastern European countries and the one thing I’ve learned is that 14 is more than 12 which is a much easier number of countries to rule. A man in my position knows how to get things done and I’ve already started to slowly infiltrate education systems around the world. Pretty soon, the young dudes and girlies are going to be learning Math my way which of course, is the right way:


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10 thoughts on “My Way aka The Right Way”

  1. I can’t believe I actually did some figuring on this, and came up with 177 m/s as an answer. It’s a good way to humiliate myself, because my attempts at solving these problems often result in an answer that would make a mathematician die laughing.

    That said, I think Mike and ibwoodgate are right, and I agree with Donna.

    1. Apologies if I inadvertently made you do math Kathy. I can assure you that my goal in life is to do nothing and I massively practice what I preach.

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