You won’t have heard about this but you’re hearing about it now. Remember where you were when you heard this life-altering news because it’s something you’ll be able to tell your plants when they get older. You’re all familiar with posters? You know, those things you hang on your wall? Well, the people in those posters are starting to mimic the actions of real life everyday folk with flesh and blood and cynicism flowing through their leafs. I know, it sounds too ridiculous to be true and if I wasn’t brilliant, I probably wouldn’t believe it myself but at the same time, I would keep it away from George Lucas in case he makes a prequel about it. Right so, you probably want proof. They always want proof. Here it is:


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4 thoughts on “Posters”

  1. Remember that old poster of Raquel Welch from the movie “One Million Years BC,” where she’s standing on some rocks, wearing a costume that almost covers her strategic spots?

    I had that poster on my wall back in the old days, hoping it would inspire me to diet and really get in shape. It didn’t. This was a case of life hoping to imitate a poster, but failing.

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