Projectile Potato Pellets Could Be The Toy of the Year

I was standing in line at the register and of course, eyeing all the impulse buy items.  I picked up some unique candy and some other fun stocking stuffers and then my eyes fell upon this gem.  Where has it been my entire life?  This is the perfect gift for those who think a NERF gun doesn’t quite deliver the desired punch but a real gun might have too much power. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the POTATO GUN which can deliver more than 300 pellets from the same spud. It’s guaranteed to be the most popular toy this year for the whole family because who wouldn’t  love being pelted with bits of projectile potato?  And they say ingenuity is dead.  I think not.



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8 thoughts on “Projectile Potato Pellets Could Be The Toy of the Year”

  1. Combine this with a Mr. Potato Head and you’ve got a tragic yet ironically entertaining cross-marketing mash-up.

  2. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to go to an emergency room and tell them that it was a piece of potato that put your eye out!

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