The Olinguito: Endangered Species in My Yard

Although it’s been living in zoos for decades under a mistaken identity, the olinguito is now confirmed to be a new species of carnivore mammal related to that lovable trash can pest, the raccoon.  Scientists were not sure what to name the species once they discovered it was new, but if it winds up in my yard with my dogs, it will be called “Dead”.  Just a warning oh, furry carnivore, as you can see, the mutts take no prisoners. frankie house

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6 thoughts on “The Olinguito: Endangered Species in My Yard”

  1. Let us salute Frankie and Lulu, Great Protectors, the Scourge of Raccoons and Olinguitos Everywhere, Vermin Exterminators. If there is a Medal of Freedom for dogs, they should win it hands down.

    1. No the one on the porch is LuLu. Frankie is the one that shakes them to their unfortunate demise.She is the hero of the neighborhood and has enough rabies vaccine in her to last a lifetime

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