Friday Humor Devotional

Patty TushDear Lord, please try to explain to my boss via this memo that it’s not appropriate to point and laugh at my name tag while we’re in a staff meeting.  It’s not polite, proper behavior for a superior nor is it professional, Amen.


Patty Tush, Director of Community Activities for the A’La O’Naturale Nudist Association

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7 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Displaying it in the wrong place could cause major damage, ouch!! 😉

  1. Two possibilities, depending on the subject’s marital status:

    1. Her parents should have thought harder before they named her.

    2. She should have thought harder before she married that guy.

    1. I just noticed that she works for a nudist association! Oh dear! That brings up so many other questions and comments that should remain unsaid, such as:

      Where does she put her nametag?

      1. Name tag, hmm. My guess . . . duct tape on her (fill in the blank), 😉

    1. Had to pack a lot of jokes in one post, being a holiday weekend. 😉

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