Jay Z’s bitch-slap vindicates hoes everywhere

photo credit: NRK P3 via photopin cc
photo credit: NRK P3 via photopin cc

Unless you’re holed up in your basement drinking wine and watching “Friends” reruns, you’re aware that Jay Z took a pounding from his wife’s sister, Solange.

If you have been holed up in your basement drinking wine and watching “Friends,” you’re my hero.

Aside from the fact that Jay Z dodged punches from a woman whose name sounds like a flavor of vodka, there is a bigger picture.  A much bigger picture, and one society seems to be ignoring.

A rapper got beat up by a woman.  Yes, a woman.  For decades rappers have been bashing “hoes” and “bitches” and those hoes and bitches finally fought back.

I never would have thought I would say thank you to Beyonce’s sister I didn’t even know existed for this fete, yet here I am.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love rap music and I don’t mind the dissing of women from time to time.  After all, bitches often be trippin’.

I just find it funny that in a strange way women have gotten their revenge on rappers.  I think it’s even more funny that it came in the form of a bitch slap.  Literally.

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7 thoughts on “Jay Z’s bitch-slap vindicates hoes everywhere”

  1. I have to say I felt a sense of justice that a rapper took some hits from a female too. Sort of seems it was a symbolic win for the female gender! Love to see you Lisa!

    1. I also felt a little proud that a woman took to abusing a rapper instead of the other way around, although I would have preferred it be someone other than Jay Z.

      I’m glad to be back!

  2. Could watching a re-run of Friends BE any better than watching the news? I maintain, no.

    Still, I’m working on why the bitch-slap story is in any way more important than a whole lot of other bad things going on in our country, from the west coast burning to Washington, D.C. burning through our money.

    1. I think the bitch-slap story is so appealing because we all kind of want to bitch-slap Jay Z. Solange was just the one brave enough to do it.

  3. I didn’t know about this but wine drinking Friends re-runs in the basement are my thang so I am your hero. Now I wouldn’t be an advocate of the violence but if anyone is to be bitch-slapped, it deserves to be one of the rappers.

    1. Please tell me your basement at least has a couch or a chair. If you’re watching “Friends” reruns while lounging on a bean bag, I’m going to be creeped out.

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