Kathy’s Points to Remember: Fashion

Keep the drink, lose the plaid shorts!
Those shoes have to go!
Rule No. 1: If it shows everything you’ve got, don’t wear it.

Rule No. 2: If it’s ugly, don’t wear it.

Rule No. 3: If it looks fabulous on someone else but butt-ugly on you, let the other person wear it. And no, the other person hasn’t had three facelifts, fifteen botox injections, a wig and breast implants, so stop saying that to everyone!

Never wear an ugly hat to cover up a bad hair day. You will be defeating your own purpose, and boy, will you feel stupid.

If you look terrible naked, don’t join a nudist group. Someone will take your picture and post it on the home page of the group’s website, with the caption, “We accepted this pathetic specimen; we’ll accept anyone.” It will go viral, and the whole world will see what you look like without your clothes on.

Don’t wear flip-flops anywhere outside your house. Your feet will get angry, especially if the sidewalks are really hot. Feet never forget a blister, and they will have their revenge.

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt in public is like slapping a sign on yourself saying, “I don’t care how dumb I look, so I grabbed this.”

Speaking of Hawaiian – ladies, please confine the muumuu to your living room and your patio. It’s comfortable and it’s pretty, but it looks like you forgot to get dressed.

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4 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember: Fashion”

  1. I had to google “muumuu” to see what it was and it scared me. It scared me real bad. I think it actually scarred me but thank you so much for making me look at it and realize that there are bad things out there that need to be avoided. I know Jill Y doesn’t have any of these. Well, I hope she doesn’t.

    1. This is one of the battles of the war between men and women. Women like to be comfortable (including wearing muumuus, at least around the house) and men prefer not to see women (at least the ones who are well stacked) in big, loose dresses that don’t show anything.

      The outcome of this battle is yet to be decided.

    1. I have been told by more than one person that I am challenged when it comes to a sense of fashion. I finally decided that that it’s best just to put things together that are color-coordinated, clean and reasonably free of wrinkles and make sure the outfit is comfortable.

      Shoes — forget it! If they’re comfortable and easy on the feet and the color doesn’t clash with everything else I’m wearing, that’s okay with me.

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