Proof Of God, Vol. VII


A construction worker in Alabama was recently taking a restroom break in the construction office’s bathroom when he looked down and saw a four-foot long snake in the toilet. At first he thought it was a joke. But when the venomous cotton-mouth moved, he knew it was for real.


“Construction office” and “bathroom” are two words that should never share a sentence. Together they evoke a horror far greater than any snake-scare. But that’s just a side-note, so let’s move on.


You’re probably shaking your head in disgust. Don’t. Because this is actually a cause for joyous celebration. We’ve seen snakes emerging when we’re in a partially undressed state before:


In this drawing Eve is demonstrating what will happen to Adam’s trouser-apples if he even looks at another woman. Sure, she’s the only woman in the universe at this point. But she’s noticed the way Adam looks at other wild animals in the kingdom and isn’t taking any chances.

And God, being utterly frustrated with America’s 50% divorce rate, sent that snake to the construction site bathroom as a reminder to mankind. I’m certain of it. Sure, the snake botched the job, but the point has been made.

Yeah, I know. You’re thinking “a toilet inspires your writing? Really?” But I’m not picky. I take inspiration wherever it comes from.

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