I had a dream where I was a contestant on The Voice Australia which is weird because b) I don’t sleep and c) I don’t know where Australia is. I’m too busy playing Angry Birds Space to even think about sleep. It’s an all-consuming game but it does prepare you for visits to the store:


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8 thoughts on “Storeplay”

  1. On those cans in the background — is it a picture of a green pig, or a lime with a nose and ears?

    1. As usual, you ask all the right questions Kathy but I think you already know the answer! 😉

  2. Assuming you carried out the dastardly deed, this will be how many stores that have prevented you from returning to do your shopping in?

  3. okay, first – why don’t you like “A”? And second it’s not a good thing for Bill Y and Angry Birds Space to mix. Thank goodness there is not Bon Jovi Angry Birds.

    1. Well “A” is for Australia and I didn’t want to annoy the country any more than I did so I decided to leave it out! If Bon Jovi Angry Birds ever happens, it’s on you! lol 😉

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