The 2014 DIY Joke Guide (Holiday Edition)

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The 2014 DIY Joke Guide (Holiday Edition)

Planning for a happy homemade holiday? This year will you be giving of yourself in the form of knitted sweaters, hand dipped candles, or home-brewed craft beers to those family and friends who’ve made the “Nice” list?

DIY Gifts are growing in popularity but why should that hand-crafted spirit be found only in jams and beaded jewelry? Why not also give the greatest gift – laughter.

Now it’s easier than ever to do that with this, The 2014 DIY Joke Guide (Holiday Edition). Each and every joke has a fun framework with spaces to personalize the comedy making it uniquely your material. Drop in familiar people, places, and things – Uncle Frank, Paradise Falls, Grandma’s Gumbo – everything can become a moment of hilarity.

Perfect for the office holiday party, gloomy commute, or to break the ice while you wait in line at the bank to beg for a loan to buy your daughter that iPad before her mother and Brad do.

In no time at all, with The 2014 DIY Joke Guide (Holiday Edition) you’ll be turning Ho-Ho-Ho’s into Ha-Ha-Ha’s

Here’s a sampling of what you will find:

Santa said to _____________ “Hold on. Yesterday? At the _______________? That was no reindeer, that was my wife!”

That’s when ___________ realized, that wasn’t Mistletoe! And that was the day that he changed his Christmas list from wanting ___________ to Use Anywhere Rash Cream.

Q: Why did Frosty leave _________________?
A: Wouldn’t you?

Jack Frost and Santa were in the locker room after a game of ____________. Jack said “Tough game Kris. You just didn’t have it today. I’ve never seen someone have that much trouble with a ball.” Santa looked up sadly and sighed “You should spend some time with my wife.”

Santa, Jack Frost, and Frosty the Snowman walked into ___________________.
_________________, the host, said “I don’t know where you’re from, but in my place there’s a rule – if you aren’t wearing pants, you can’t be in here.” So Santa turned and went back outside.

The elf sat hunched over his desk “Should we put ______________ on the naughty or nice list.” Santa smiled “I’ll tell you in the morning.”

As Santa flung his sack of presents over his shoulder he knocked down an entire stack of _____________. A nearby elf whispered to his friend “That’s the second time today, I’ve never seen someone so clumsy with a sack.” The second elf replied “Really? You should spend some time with his wife.”

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