The Scent

I admire a nice fragrance on both males and females if it is a hint of scent. It helps to promote self esteem, self worth, and possibly a feeling of “come hither, I’m yours.” The other day at work I wandered into the men’s restroom heading for the toilet when I was hit with a double whammy scent from a deodorizing machine that spewed out enough chemicals to gag a maggot! It was enough to give one an asthma attack! I reflected on the perfume isles I have to walk through at a department store in the mall heading to the escalator to go up to the men’s clothing department. That’s bad enough. I even had sympathy for Dorothy and friends trudging through the poppy field on the way to Oz. Heck, I was just trying to get to the toilet! I imagine that some female restrooms also contain on of these units. If so, beware. It has to be a mixture of very toxic chemicals not indented to promote a healthy atmosphere. It certainly does not promote self esteem, self worth, or “come hither, I’m yours.” This is just my two cents worth!

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2 thoughts on “The Scent”

  1. Better that than the odoriferous smell of last night’s tacos and stuffed cabbage! 😉

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