Friday Humor Devotional

Dear Lord, please forgive me for my outbreak of foul language.  When my sexy neighbor asked if I’d like him to mow my lawn I shrieked, “The only person who mows my F$#@*%&G lawn is my F$#@*%&G husband!” From the confused expression on his face I realized he was in fact talking about mowing the lawn and not a euphemism for sex, Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

  1. How fortunate to have both your lawn and your neighbor be “cut.”

    (I love wry grass humor.)

    1. LOL, good one Bill S. Because this guy never lets the grass grow under his feet, ever . . rimshot!

      1. Yeah, but the guy in the picture is obviously not Santa Claus or Quasimodo.

        Some guys are more likely than others to get invited to mow the lawn or ring the bells, if you know what I mean!

  2. This is precisely why I’ve stopped offering to mow my neighbors lawn. Well, that and the restraining order that she clings to.

    1. . . .and I now have one against me Bill Y for stalking this poor “hard” working guy. 😉

  3. If I had a neighbor who looked like that … never mind. Some thoughts are best left unspoken. 😉

    1. Kathy, my thoughts are pure and neighborly. After he accepted my apology I offered him a hot shower and martini. 😉

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